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Living on Crete - a dream come true

I would like to introduce you to the people behind Spiti Moe. My name is Nikki Daniels and I have been living and working on CreteChania region for quite some time now.

Holiday home in Crete

After many years of holidays in beautiful Greece, we decided to change course and sell everything back in Belgium to start a new life here on Crete. Especially the fact that our son was only 3 years old was a determining factor to do it NOW – growing up in this paradise: we could not have given him a bigger gift, could we?

Building, buying, selling, renovating

Why we wanted to work in real estate, you ask? Because we have helped many of our friends and family throughout the years with finding suitable plots of land or holiday homes, we were already quite at home in the real estate industry and by now we have added a lot of forward-thinking specialists to our team.


Buying, selling, building or renovating


We do it all, and we have completed a great number of wonderful projects already. Our job as interior designers in Belgium, our eye for detail and our accurate attitude make our approach different from most entrepreneurs here on Crete. We strive for tailor-made service, style & quality.

Tailer-made service: your budget, your pace

Why would you choose us? Well, you do not really have to choose; we are all about: what you see is what you get! No hassle here, we are honest and straightforward.

We strive for quality over quantity, which means we want to help make YOUR dream come true and make the most out of everything so that you can live your dream to the fullest. This requires lots of time and attention from both parties, so we need to have that connection.

support you throughout the entire process, employing a personal approach; we work according to your budget and your pace.

Contact us for an exploratory conversation, so that we can have a look at what we can do for each other.

Once we decide to work with each other, we will set the right course for you, with the wind in our sails!

This is us

Nikki Daniels

I am a social and open-minded person. I thrive on challenges and always ‘think outside the box’.


I am in love with food and the atmosphere around it.


There is nothing better than eating delicious food with a good bottle of wine and sharing it with nice company. In the end it is all about being together and spending time with each other.


Cretan life and my exuberant lifestyle are, as they say, a match made in heaven.


And those extra pounds? I’ll play some tennis to get rid of those.


My motto: the glass is not half empty but half full.


Get in touch to learn more about my vision and my approach in real estate consultancy

Chris de Vlaminck

I am a stickler for detail and everything must be exactly right. Sitting still is not my strong suit.

I love action and creative ideas. Taking hikes in nature, fishing, diving, and spending time with my family & friends: this is how I relax and recharge.


My motto: enjoy every day to the fullest!


Get in touch to learn more about my vision and my approach in real estate consultancy

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