Golden Visa Greece

The European residence permit brings the world closer, and its benefits more accessible.

Invest 250.000 euro and obtain a Golden Visa in Greece

The Greek “Golden Visa” Law “Permanent residency permit for investors”, valid since July 2015, offers a permanent residency permit to non-EU citizens and their family members, who buy or build a property in Greece, the value of which exceeds €250,000.
The above described residency permit (Golden Visa) can be renewed every five years indefinitely, as long as the real estate property remains entirely in the ownership of the main applicant.

Residency permit Greece

There is no minimum stay requirement and children up to the age of 21 are included in the family application. It is not necessary to live in the country in order to retain and renew the investor visa. However, citizenship can only be granted after seven years of residency.

Travel visa free to Europe

Greece being a member of the European Union and the Schengen countries, and holding an exceptional and central location in Europe, makes it the perfect base for anyone to explore any European destination within a maximum of 3 hours’ flight, without any VISA procedure.


We can and will guide you through the entire procedure, from choosing and acquiring the property of your dreams, to apply for your residency application and obtaining a Residence Permit of Greece. Become an EU (European Union) Resident and obtain access to free Education, excellent Healthcare, Low cost of living, Rich Culture and History benefits.

Why apply for the Golden Visa for Greece?

Vis-free travel to all Schengen countries

No need to spend time and resources on the issuance of travel documents.

Possibility to stay and live in Europe

The status gives you the right to enjoy all the advantages of European life, a developed legal system, a high level of medicine and education.

Permit for the whole family

The application can include a spouse and children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren.

More than favourable conditions

Set against a relatively low real estate investment..

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